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Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit

Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit

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Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit

Upgrade your ride with the revolutionary Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit. This innovative system replaces conventional inner tubes with a small red insert, creating two distinct pressure zones inside your tire. Experience unparalleled rim protection, increased tire stability, and the elimination of pinch flats with the Tubliss system.

Key Benefits:

- Advanced Rim Protection: Provides an incredible 100 PSI of rim protection, safeguarding against damage.
- Enhanced Stability and Traction: Allows for significantly lower tire pressures, resulting in a larger contact patch for improved traction and a plusher ride.
- Weight Savings: Reduces weight by about one pound on the rear wheel compared to standard tubes, and up to 2-3 pounds compared to heavy-duty tubes. Lighter wheels mean reduced rotating mass, better acceleration, improved braking, and superior overall handling.
- Eliminates Pinch Flats: Say goodbye to pinch flats and ride with confidence on any terrain.


- Low Pressure Capability: Run much lower tire pressures than with standard tubes, enhancing grip and ride quality.
- Massive Traction Gains: Increased contact patch improves traction for a more controlled ride.
- Plusher Ride: Enhanced comfort and performance on rough terrain.
- Lightweight Design: Pounds lighter than heavy-duty tubes, optimizing your bike's performance.
- Superior Rim Protection: Provides unmatched protection for your rims.
- Improved Tire Life: Extends the lifespan of your tires.

Kit Includes:

- Red Tubliss insert liner
- Black high-pressure bladder
- Guide plate
- Rim tape and plug
- Sticker kit for rim
- Installation guide

Why Choose the Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit?

- Innovative Design: Transforms your tire setup with a cutting-edge two-zone pressure system.
- Enhanced Performance: Boosts your bike’s handling, traction, and stability.
- Durable and Reliable: Built to last, providing long-term benefits for off-road enthusiasts.

Upgrade Your Ride Today!

Transform your riding experience with the Nuetech Tubliss Gen 2.0 Kit. Enjoy the benefits of superior traction, rim protection, and weight savings. Order now and take your bike's performance to the next level!

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